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Meet Bruno Elsier, the chef behind Yogalicious’ #nom dessert burger

Chef Bruno Elsier, trained in Belgium, is the CREATIVE force behind the Yogalicious Burger!  Chef Bruno, known for his artistic pastry creations, has appearances in the Toronto Star, Canadian Living, “Cooking with the Wolfman” and “Fearless in the Kitchen” with Christine Cushing. Chef Bruno is an International Chocolate Master and past participant at the IKA culinary olympics, award winner at the CCFCC and a member of Chefs Against Hunger.

Here is the Master himself; Chef Bruno, who created the “Yoga Burger” using the finest ingredients, including Yogalicious of course!  This petite dessert burger is made with mostly locally sourced ingredients: a sesame seed pastry puff for the bun, probiotic Yogalicious patty made of double-decker flavours of creamy vanilla and chocolate frozen kefir, kiwi relish and roma strawberries, a mango “cheese” slice, robed with 72% cocoa Callebaut dark chocolate.

Hold the mayo please, this burger is delicious and nutritious!