kefir benefits

The World of Fermented Milk

Throughout history and across the world you will find variations of fermented milks. Milk is often combined with a mixture of bacteria and/or yeast making for a sour milk product.  What happens is that the bacteria and yeast utilize the lactose molecule and convert it into lactic acid. The acidity of the milk prevents the growth of potentially harmful micro-organisms and has historically been known to yeild a ton of health benefits. This process is a sort of ‘fermentation’ that acts to preserve the milk for a time. Here are but a few varieties of fermented milk products from across the globe:

busa (Turkestan), cieddu (Italy), dadhi (India), kefir (Balkans), kumiss (Steppes), labanZabadi (Egypt), mazun (Armenia), taette (N. Europe), skyr (Iceland), masl (Iran),crowdies (Scotland), kuban, and yoghurt.

Stay tuned for our upcoming series of fermented milks, their benefits, issues of ethical dairy consumption, sustainability and much more.