Cultured milk

Cultured Dairy

Kefir is a fermented milk used to make Yogalicious!

Did you know?

“…a form of yogurt was said to have been revealed to Abraham by an angel; and the starter particles of kefir, a substance similar to yogurt but thin enough to be drinkable, are called, ‘grains of the Prophet Muhammad’, the Prophet having been credited with their introduction”. ~ Excerpt from Nourishing Traditions and reference from William H. Lee, PhD, The Friendly Bacteria

Culturing milk is an art. So what do the experts say about it? Sally Fallon, author of the cookbook, ‘Nourishing Traditions’ states that the fermentation of milk played an important role in traditional cuisines across the globe and the process of preserving and fermenting actually enhances its nutrient value. Historically, milk was almost always fermented or cultured for better digestion. Fermentation breaks down casein (milk protein), one of the most difficult proteins to digest. Culturing milk also restores enzymes, like lactase, which help digest milk sugars such as lactose. Fermentation creates enzymes that help the body to better absorb calcium and minerals.

The Moral:  Fermented milk products are great.

The Practical:  Add kefir & frozen kefir to your protein shake to better                                      digest the protein.

Just Because:   It’s Ramadan and the most important part of “iftar” is                                       dessert!

Now you know a little bit more and every little bit counts!